Another Big Scam Involving DUI Cases that is Always Untrue

In the previous article, we dismissed the scam-notion about someone who knows someone who knows some Lawyer who can get a DUI “dropped” to the Civil Infraction of Careless Driving. In this article, we’ll tackle another “urban legend” that has some people literally shaking in their boots when they contact me about their DUI charge. Again, I need to make clear that I only handle DUI cases in the Courts of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties, so although I suspect that what I’m about to say is true everywhere, I can only confirm that it’s true in the Tri-County area.

Part of my job as a DUI Lawyer is to make sure my Clients are well-informed. In order to be able to fully explain what will and will not happen in any given case, I believe it’s essential for me, at least, to limit my practice geographically so that I appear in the same Courts, in front of the same Judges, day-in and day-out. This allows me to learn how each Judge handles a DUI case, and in turn, I can prepare my Client for what to expect.

scam_alert.jpgThe “urban legend” that I hear often enough to warrant addressing is that the Judge who will be hearing my Client’s case had a son or daughter killed by a Drunk Driver. In certain cases, it may be that the person has heard that one of the Judge’s in a particular Court has suffered this loss, but the point is the same. So let’s get rid of this rumor right now:

There is NO JUDGE in any of the Courts in the Tri-County area who has lost a child to a Drunk Driver. Not one.

If there was even a grain of truth to any of this, you would expect that either that Judge would recuse (disqualify) him or her self from hearing DUI cases, or at least have faced a rash of motions for recusal by Lawyers for those facing DUI charges.

But it never happened.

If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge in the Tri-County area and have heard this rumor, you can take it to the bank that it’s absolutely, 100% false.

DUI charges come loaded with enough problems, but this, at least, isn’t one of them.

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