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Driver’s License Restoration and Clearance cases are well-suited to start over the phone, and the “down time” many people have now is a good opportunity to begin this process.

Our consultations have ALWAYS been free, confidential, and done over the phone, right when you call. We are very friendly people who will be glad to explain things and answer your questions, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (EST).

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I’m taking a break today, as are many of us. We should bear in mind, however, that the whole reason we have the freedoms we do, such as a day off, like today, is because of the sacrifices made by those who served in our armed forces. Had our soldiers not given so much of themselves in World War II, we might have been conquered by Germany, or Japan. Every American who defended against the Japanese attack, and every American who fought in Europe against the Nazi scourge, were the very definition of the term “heroes.” The same holds true for every other U.S. Veteran in every other conflict, right up to today.

We ask a lot of our Military. We ask them to take minimal pay, and march off to foreign lands and put up the good fight. Then we ask them to come home, and blend back in. We can debate the reasons for this or that war all day long, but soldiers have to be above that. And they are.

Our Good Soldiers.jpgToday, as we have our military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, bear in mind that even if they have all their limbs, they have seen things and lived in conditions that would cause any one of us trauma, even as a bad dream. There isn’t enough money in the world to pay them for that part of themselves they leave behind as they carry out their orders. And those are the lucky ones.

This article will be a very short overview of where I handle Criminal Cases. It represents another departure from my typical informational article discussing some area or other of Criminal Law. I am posting this one because, quite often, I am asked a question about a case pending in a Court beyond where I handle Criminal Cases, and I want to clarify exactly where that is.

In many of my Blog articles, and on my Website, I often use the terms “Detroit area,” Metro-Detroit area,” “Metropolitan Detroit Area” and “Tri-County area,” and I frequently describe my Practice as being limited to “Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties.”

Detroit.jpgLet me be very clear about where I go, and where I do not.

I have been, and regularly go to, every Court in Macomb County. My office is in Mt. Clemens. Thus, I’ll handle Criminal, Drunk Driving (DUI) and Traffic Cases in all Macomb County Courts.

I will, likewise, handle Criminal, DUI and Traffic Cases in all Oakland County Courts.

I go to most, but not all Courts in Wayne County. Here’s a list of Courts where I do Practice regularly:

16th (Livonia)
18th (Westland)
19th (Dearborn)
20th (Dearborn Heights)
27th (Wyandotte)
31st (Hamtramck)
32A (Harper Woods)
33rd (Woodhaven)
34th (Romulus)
35th (Plymouth, Canton and Northville)
36th (Detroit), and All Grosse Pointe Municipal Courts.

This includes, of course, Felonies heard in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

I will also handle Criminal and Drunk Driving Cases in the 72nd District Court in Port Huron.

I have, in the past, pointed out that I am not a fan of those “All Cases, All Courts” Law operations. I frequently observe that, in most cases, a person should hire a Lawyer who is “local” to the Court in which their case is pending.

Neither am I a believer in looking for good Legal Representation on a low-bidder basis. To me, trying to be everything to everybody, or using a cut-rate business model are not signs of quality, or at least not the kind that I’d buy into.

That said, just getting soaked for excessive legal expenses is not a sign of quality, either. I post my Fees right on my website. And why not? What’s the big secret? I have no interest in “competing” with anyone else on fees. I’m more than some, less than others, and usually somewhere near the middle of the pack.
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out-to-lunch2.jpgWhew, it’s been a run! Even a well-oiled machine needs a break every now and then, however, and I’m about to take one.

I plan on taking a week off after Easter. And Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

As a result, there will be no Blog Articles published on April 5, 2010, or April 9, 2010.

I sincerely hope any reader of this Blog would agree that the articles here are informative. When I was first considering doing a Blog, I checked around and was rather put off by what I saw. To me, most Legal Blogs were about some Lawyer restating a recent news story and then adding in his or her take on it.

When I decided to undertake this project, I knew I would set out to write about real world cases and how they’re handled. Instead of talking about some obscure legal case the Supreme Court has decided, and which will have no application to anyone I’ll ever represent, I wanted to explain and, perhaps demystify, the legal process for the kinds of case that ordinary people (the kind I Represent) regularly face.

typing.jpgBased upon the responses, I have received, I think it has been a resounding success.

This article is really an interruption in a larger series about Suspended and Revoked Driver’s Licenses. The reason I’m doing this is to make sure the reader understands how these Blog articles are categorized, and so that they know that most articles here connect with other articles, or even series of articles, and, if read together, can provide a comprehensive analysis of how certain things work (or at least how I handle them).

Most often, the reader will wind up here because of a search-engine query. Often, the reader will be taken to an article that directly relates to the topic (like DUI, Drug Cases, or License Restorations) they’re searching. Sometimes, however, a person might wind up on either the most recent article posted, or some other article, neither of which have nothing to do with what they’re looking for.

woman-using-laptop2.jpgI’m no web master, so I can’t really explain how that happens. I do know, however, that despite whatever article a person may wind up on, even if it doesn’t relate to their search, it usually means there is another article on this Blog which does. In other words, if a person has searched for “Delivery of Marijuana Mi” and then winds up on this article, because it’s the most recent entry, the search engine didn’t exactly fail, it just didn’t go to the actual article about “Delivery of Marijuana in Mi.” That’s what the column on the right side of this Blog is for.

That column, about ¼ of the way down on the right side of this (or any) page, lists all the articles I’ve posted by Topic. Thus, the person who winds up on this article but was searching for Marijuana Delivery would scroll down and click one of the listings for Marijuana.

Within the framework of those Topics, every article has, at the bottom, a listing of other topics in which that same article can be found. This is how I, as the author, have cross-referenced Topics. This means that a person wanting to learn all they can about one Topic should also click on those other Topic listings, because those other topics also have related information in them.

Also, a number of my articles are written in multi-part series. The way the site works, the newest articles are always listed above the older one. This means that every series of articles is kind of listed in reverse, or newest first, oldest last. Thus, Part 1 of any series is always at the bottom.
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Let me begin this “article” by pointing out that it is a departure from my usual information-style discussion of some aspect or other of the kinds of Criminal, Drunk Driving and License Restoration cases that I handle. I have found that, after reading some of my articles, some people will call my office and ask “How much do you charge?” or “Do you have a payment plan?”

On this Blog, there is a “button” entitled “Fees” which takes the reader directly to my Fee schedule. Ditto for my website. For whatever reason, that button seems to get missed a lot. This “article” will discuss money; how much I charge for certain legal services and how payment is made.

cash-register.jpgFor Driver’s License Restorations, I charge $3900. The usual payment plan begins with 1/3 ($1300) down at the first face-to-face meeting, another $1300 paid as the case is prepared, and the final $1300 paid about a week before the actual Hearing.

It seems that the term “Free Consultation” is often misinterpreted as “Free Advice” or “Free Answers.” To put this in perspective, let’s talk about those Plastic Surgeons who do face lifts, certain enhancements, and other “nip and tuck” procedures. Often, they will advertise on the Radio or in the Phone book, and offer a “Free Consultation.” It is clearly understood that they will spend the time with someone looking to perhaps use their services in order to assess what, if anything, they can do for that person.

No one would think to call them, set up an appointment, go in, and say “I don’t have any money for a face lift, but I was wondering what you thought about these over-the-counter skin-firming products?” In the same way, who would go into a car dealership, pull into the service area, and meet with a mechanic to describe a “funny sound” their car was making, then tell they guy “I don’t have the money to have you fix it, but if you’ll tell me what to do, I am going to try it myself.”

hour-glass.jpgYet amongst those who e-mail us everyday, we get any number of those who either outright tell us they don’t have any money for a Lawyer, or whose e-mail is obviously seeking advice and direction with no intention of hiring me to do the work. I have tried, until now, to at least provide some help to those who ask for it, but the pressures of economic survival and the limitations of my own time, multiplied by the sheer number of such e-mails and calls, requires me to write this article explaining why I can no longer take the time away from paying Clients to advise those are not, and will not become, paying Clients.

In a departure from my usual instructional-style Blog post, I feel compelled to address an issue that is quite literally causing my phone to ring off the hook. While I am both somewhat surprised and extremely pleased with the unexpectedly large response to and readership of this Blog, my staff has been inundated with phone calls from around the Country seeking all kinds of advice and citing the “free consultation” notation on both my Blog and Website. Sometimes the caller may be in Michigan, but asks about a case pending somewhere I do not go. Other times, the caller may want to ask questions about an area of law that I do not handle.

I wish I could help, or at least give some worthwhile direction to everyone who needs a little information, but my office simply cannot help in matters that fall outside the scope of what I do and where I do it. My experience and Practice is limited to handling Michigan cases. Even then, I limit my Practice (and thus my advice) to the Metropolitan Detroit and outlying areas for everything except License Restoration matters.

phone-illustration-ringing-off-the-hook.jpgA recent caller from Connecticut wanted to ask about his Foreclosure and Re-Financing options. I have no idea how Foreclosures and Re-Financing are done outside of Michigan, and am in no position to even begin to advise or direct anyone from a different state, beyond telling them to contact an Attorney there who handles the kind of matter for which they need advice.

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