Change in Weekly Article Schedule on This Blog

I sincerely hope any reader of this Blog would agree that the articles here are informative. When I was first considering doing a Blog, I checked around and was rather put off by what I saw. To me, most Legal Blogs were about some Lawyer restating a recent news story and then adding in his or her take on it.

When I decided to undertake this project, I knew I would set out to write about real world cases and how they’re handled. Instead of talking about some obscure legal case the Supreme Court has decided, and which will have no application to anyone I’ll ever represent, I wanted to explain and, perhaps demystify, the legal process for the kinds of case that ordinary people (the kind I Represent) regularly face.

typing.jpgBased upon the responses, I have received, I think it has been a resounding success.

But success comes with a price. In this case, that price is time. Having fallen behind from time to time in my 3 times per week publishing schedule, I have been faced with either staying (or at least feeling) way behind, or writing shorter articles. Hey, I know I’m wordy, but in order to explain and “demystify” this stuff, the articles cannot be cut short just to crank them out and make them short.

So, in order to maintain the quality of the information I put out, I have decided to scale back my publishing schedule to 2 times per week instead of 3, usually Mondays and Fridays. I may slip a short 3rd article in my weekly output from time to time, but in looking over the topics I plan on discussing, I know that a pretty large time commitment is involved, and I want these articles to be as good as all others on this Blog.

I realize I may be “whistling in the wind” and flattering myself that anyone really cares, but even for anyone who subsequently finds this Blog because of a search inquiry, there will be an obvious change in the number of articles published each week. And this will either be explained, or not. And if there’s one thing I try to do on this Blog, it’s explain….

Thanks for reading.

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