Clearing Michigan’s hold on your Driving Record – Guaranteed

A lot of people who move out of Michigan without a valid driver’s license thereafter find that they urgently need one. When you live in Michigan and the Secretary of State has taken your license away for multiple DUI’s, it’s called a revocation. If and/or when you leave, that revocation goes along with you, and once you declare residency in another state, your revoked license becomes a Michigan “hold” on your driving record that will prevent you from getting or renewing a license in your new state. Out-of-state residents will need a “clearance” of Michigan’s hold, while those who still live here must “undo” the revocation by filing for the “restoration” of their Michigan driver’s license. There’s a decent chance that you, the reader, already knows this. The real issue, then, becomes what are you going to do about it. If you’re serious about clearing the Michigan hold on your driving record, I can do that for you, and I guarantee the result.

Thumbnail image for on-hold-031.2.jpgIn the driver’s license restoration section of my website, and the corresponding section of this blog, I provide a detailed examination of the steps involved in driver’s license appeals. Here, it is important to point out that, up to the point of filing it with the Secretary of State, there is no difference between a driver’s license restoration and a license clearance appeal. The same forms are required for each, including the substance abuse evaluation and the letters of support. The key procedural difference is that Michigan residents must appear for an actual live appeal hearing before the Secretary of State’s Administrative Hearing Section (AHS), while out-of-state residents can gamble for a clearance without a hearing, through what is called an “administrative review.” I hold an actual hearing in every case I take, and that plays a large role in my ability to guarantee a win. An administrative review is an appeal by mail with no hearing. The truth is that the administrative review process is a quick path to nowhere, because 3 out of 4 such cases are denied each year.

My office has developed an efficient and guaranteed system for out of state clients to remove Michigan’s driving record hold. This requires you to come back to Michigan twice. First, you’ll come to meet with me and have your substance abuse evaluation completed. We can complete everything that needs to be done to file your appeal in that one trip. Your second (and last) trip back will be to attend your actual hearing. I know that this is an expense and inconvenience that some people would prefer to avoid, but if you really want to be able to drive again, this is a comparatively small price to pay in order to finally do it. Because time is often of the essence, we can get everything done in a single day, meaning a person can come see me in the morning (our first meeting takes about 3 hours), go directly to his or her evaluation, and be on the way to the airport or wherever by mid-afternoon. Here’s how:

First, when you call, we’ll screen a potential you to make sure there you are eligible to file – and to win – a license appeal. Next, my staff finds a mutually convenient opening for us to meet. Usually, most clients want to get everything done in one day, although some return to Michigan for few days to visit with family. Normally, we’ll work it out where the client meets with me first, and then goes directly from my office to meet with the evaluator, whose office is a few blocks (within easy walking distance) from mine. The substance abuse evaluation takes about an hour and a half, giving time for paperwork and all. We can often schedule things so that I meet with the client in the late morning or early afternoon, meaning that he or she will meet with the evaluator in the mid or late afternoon, and can still be on the way home by dinner time (or not, for those who aren’t looking to get everything done on the same day). Whatever works for someone’s schedule usually works for mine. The only exception fixed in stone is that I’m always off for about the last 2 weeks of the year, so a “Christmas” meeting isn’t possible for me.

I am keenly aware that beyond my fee, coming back to Michigan twice requires a large investment of time and money for someone. I believe that my guarantee helps alleviate most concerns about that. To be very candid about it, I make my money winning these cases the first time. I have zero interest in just “taking a shot” at something, only to be obligated to do it all again next year, for free. Obviously, anyone filing a license appeal is equally interested in getting back on the road this year, rather than next, so our interests are completely aligned in that regard. Still, the reality is that many people will try to avoid coming back to Michigan and will take their “shot” at an administrative review. I won’t waste my time, or yours, trying to dissuade you from doing so other than to point out that there is a 3 out of 4 chance it won’t work, and then you’ll have to wait another year to try again. This may sound cold, but it’s just plain easier for me to work with someone who has tried on his or her own and lost than it is to try and convince someone to hire me because the odds of winning are stacked against him or her.

For all of that, if you are eligible to file a license appeal, are genuinely sober, and you come back to Michigan and hire me, I will win your clearance so that you can go to your new state’s DMV and get that driver’s license you need and want, guaranteed. When you’re serious about moving forward, and/or if you have questions, call my office anytime Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST) at 248-986-9700 or 586-465-1980. We’re here to help.