Criminal Cases in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties – What Exactly Does That Mean?

This article will be a very short overview of where I handle Criminal Cases. It represents another departure from my typical informational article discussing some area or other of Criminal Law. I am posting this one because, quite often, I am asked a question about a case pending in a Court beyond where I handle Criminal Cases, and I want to clarify exactly where that is.

In many of my Blog articles, and on my Website, I often use the terms “Detroit area,” Metro-Detroit area,” “Metropolitan Detroit Area” and “Tri-County area,” and I frequently describe my Practice as being limited to “Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties.”

Detroit.jpgLet me be very clear about where I go, and where I do not.

I have been, and regularly go to, every Court in Macomb County. My office is in Mt. Clemens. Thus, I’ll handle Criminal, Drunk Driving (DUI) and Traffic Cases in all Macomb County Courts.

I will, likewise, handle Criminal, DUI and Traffic Cases in all Oakland County Courts.

I go to most, but not all Courts in Wayne County. Here’s a list of Courts where I do Practice regularly:

16th (Livonia)
18th (Westland)
19th (Dearborn)
20th (Dearborn Heights)
27th (Wyandotte)
31st (Hamtramck)
32A (Harper Woods)
33rd (Woodhaven)
34th (Romulus)
35th (Plymouth, Canton and Northville)
36th (Detroit), and All Grosse Pointe Municipal Courts.

This includes, of course, Felonies heard in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

I will also handle Criminal and Drunk Driving Cases in the 72nd District Court in Port Huron.

I have, in the past, pointed out that I am not a fan of those “All Cases, All Courts” Law operations. I frequently observe that, in most cases, a person should hire a Lawyer who is “local” to the Court in which their case is pending.

Neither am I a believer in looking for good Legal Representation on a low-bidder basis. To me, trying to be everything to everybody, or using a cut-rate business model are not signs of quality, or at least not the kind that I’d buy into.

That said, just getting soaked for excessive legal expenses is not a sign of quality, either. I post my Fees right on my website. And why not? What’s the big secret? I have no interest in “competing” with anyone else on fees. I’m more than some, less than others, and usually somewhere near the middle of the pack.

There are some Courts that I have left off that aren’t much farther than some of those I have listed, but the whole point of my selling “experience” is to actually have some to sell. If I take money to go to a Court I’ve never been to, or am not familiar with, then I’m pretty much collecting Tuition. I pride myself on charging a fee for my experience, not my education. Thus, I have left off some Courts that, while not too far away, are just unfamiliar to me.

I noted, in a recent article about finding the best Lawyer for Probation Violations, that I’m in my 20th year as a Practicing Lawyer. All modesty aside, I’m in the prime of my Career; young enough to still be very sharp, but old enough to have 20 years’ experience under my vest. Another way of describing that is to say “you’re hitting your stride.” This is no time to start learning new things, or just be willing to take a retainer because it’s out there.

I appreciate being able to analyze and describe someone’s situation based upon my experience in the Court where the case is pending, and I just have no inclination to expand the circle of where I go.

So if you drop me a line about a Criminal Case that falls outside of the geographic area I have outlined above, I hope you understand, if I send this article back in response, that I wish I could help. Remember, I’m in business to make money, not turn it away. However, I like to earn my money knowing I can genuinely help someone. And, at least from my point of view, as a Criminal Lawyer who is selling his “experience,” that means limiting my Practice to those places that I am familiar with, and not just taking a case somewhere because someone is willing to pay.