Driver’s License Restoration in Michigan – New Year, New License

If you have lost your driver’s license for multiple DUI’s, then you need to make a New Year’s resolution to get it back. It is a pre-condition to winning a Michigan driver’s license restoration case that you must have honestly quit drinking and have both the commitment and the tools to remain sober for good. If this describes you, then I can win your license back, or, if you live out of state, win a clearance of the Michigan “hold” on your driving record, guaranteed. Sober people will just “get” what I’m about to say. If you have not quit drinking, however, then isn’t it about time to resolve to do that so you can get back on the road and take control of your own life? I’m going to use the “new year” thing here to slip in a very short, direct article about quitting drinking and winning back your license. Being without the ability to get yourself around is a serious drawback in just about every facet of life, including you career prospects and your own personal freedom. Is drinking really so important to you that you’d rather be without a license than be without a bottle?

ddot-bus-stopjpg-d350c7e0568ec208.jpgIn other license restoration articles, I tenderfoot around the notion of a person coming to the decision to quit drinking. I know it’s a process. I know more than you’d ever think I do, and on top of knowing all about this from the inside, the outside, and all around, I also have a post-graduate education in addiction studies, to boot. There’s not much I don’t know about how people struggle to come to the point of tipping the decisional balance in favor of NOT drinking. I also know that sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is. This article will eschew the diplomatic approach for bluntness: If you’re reading this because your driver’s license has been revoked after 2 or more drunk driving conviction and you still drink, or even think you can, then you’ve got it all wrong. When DUI’s cost your driver’s license, then drinking is the very first thing that needs to stop. The problem for many people is that they’ll sit around without a license, still drinking, and insist that they don’t have any kind of problem with alcohol. Do you see what’s wrong with that picture?

Think about it: Drinking got you in trouble with the law, not once, but at least twice, and perhaps even more times than that. Chances are, if you’ve racked up multiple DUI’s, your relationship to alcohol has created other troubles for you, as well. You have to work past simple and unproductive denial about the role alcohol plays in your life, and a quick reality check in that regard is that you cannot drive anywhere because drinking caused your license to be yanked. Chances are, a whole lot of other things in your life have been negatively affected because of alcohol besides driving. If you want to argue that the state has it all wrong and that there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a drink once in a while, then your priorities are all out of order. That kind of thinking is clear evidence of an unhealthy preoccupation with drinking, no matter how you cut it. If you don’t see it, then you need to change your perspective. How important is alcohol, anyway? Important enough that you will limit your whole life and remain unable to drive because of it? Seriously? It’s time to get booze out of your life and start focusing on things that will get you ahead, not keep you held back. If you don’t have a license because of your DUI’s, then you need to resolve to get it back. If you’ve quit drinking, call me and let’s get you back on the road. If you haven’t quit drinking, then quit. Call me for encouragement, if you want, but don’t waste another day with drinking, because deep down inside, you know it brings nothing positive to the table. Let me help you get back in the driver’s seat. My office is honestly here to help. Let’s really make this a happy new year.

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