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No one publishes as much information about the Michigan driver’s license restoration and clearance process as I do on this blog.  Although I’ve resisted for a while, I’m doing this very short article about why you should hire me for your license appeal case at the urging of my own staff and some friends who have convinced me that it needs to be done.  I am, by nature, an explainer.  I’m also diplomatic, polite, and while confident, relatively modest, as well.  I know that my library of articles has become a resource for lawyers to learn.  I am well aware that since I began publicizing my practice, a whole group of driver’s license restoration legal operations has come into existence, marketing themselves as some kind of specialists in my field.  I have answered countless emails and phone calls from and helped other lawyers who have found themselves “stuck” on some part of the license restoration process.  This does not trouble me because, when all is said and done, I know that, by far, I am best.  I am the guy who wrote (and is still writing) the book on this subject, and that in the course of any given year, I win more license appeals than anyone, and probably more than 10 times over what all of them put together ever will.  It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and while that’s true, just like a Rolex watch, a fake is just never as good as the real thing.  I am the original, and therefore the real thing.  Nobody does license cases like I do.

https://www.michigancriminaldefenselawyerblog.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/286/2017/07/hire-2.0-256x300.jpgHere’s a hard fact: I have been hired to fix up and win the cases lost by just about every lawyer out there, but no one has ever had to do the same for me because I don’t lose.  In fact, not only do I win virtually every case I take the first time around, I actually guarantee to do just that.  Chances are, if you talk to any lawyer about license restorations, he or she has learned something about the process from this blog.  Yet for all the bragging I can do about being the first, the best, the original and the single biggest source of information about license appeals, what really sets me apart from everyone else is my fundamental understanding of recovery.  I know all about what it’s like to go from drinker to non-drinker from the outside looking in, the inside looking out, and every perspective in-between.  Beyond that, I have completed a formal, post-graduate program of addiction studies, and have a full academic and clinical understanding of the development, diagnosis and treatment of addiction issues.

And if all that sounds too diplomatic, it means that in the world of license restoration and clearance cases, where the development, diagnosis, treatment of and recovery from alcohol problems is the entire focus, I am the foremost expert on the subject, by about a million miles.  Period.  No one else comes close.  And this, in turn, explains why I guarantee to win every case I take.  Of course, everybody wants to win, and paying for anything less than a guaranteed victory doesn’t make any sense to me, but there’s more to it than just winning.  When you sit across the table from me, you’ll see my passion for what I do.  My drive to win isn’t just about not losing, its about helping people.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING a lawyer can do is as rewarding as helping someone get what they deserve, and for which they have worked so hard.  If you’ve lost your license for multiple DUI’s and put in all the effort to get sober, you deserve to win it back.  To this day, my eyes still moisten when I sit next to a client and he or she chokes up with gratitude after hearing they’ve won.  In fact, that just happened the very day this article was written; I had won my client’s case the first time around, and today’s hearing was to finish the job and get his “full” license without the interlock or restrictions.  When the hearing officer congratulated him and announced her (winning) decision, his voice cracked and his eyes welled up with tears of joy, and I felt a lump rise in my throat, too.  I hope the day never comes when I don’t share in the joy of winning, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that, after more than 25 years of doing this, since it hasn’t stopped so far, I don’t have to worry about becoming jaded anytime soon.

Look through the driver’s license restoration articles on this blog.  I have analyzed issues that many lawyers don’t even know exist.  I have written more about license appeals than every other lawyer combined, hundreds of times over.  If you have honestly quit drinking and are serious about winning your license appeal the first time around, I’m your guy.  Heck, even if you haven’t quit drinking, I’m glad to share some thoughts with you that may help you tip the scales in favor of getting sober so that, down the road, we can talk about you driving again.  I’m certainly a nice guy, and it has taken a few deep breaths for me to write so immodestly about myself, but the unvarnished truth is that there is absolutely no one who can do a better job on a license appeal than me.  I’m not cheap, but with my first time win guarantee, you not only get the best, you have the comfort of knowing you’ll only pay me once to win your license back.  That’s why you should hire me.

When you’re ready to move forward and get back on the road, do your homework, check around, then call my office.  We’re here to help Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (EST), and can be reached at 248-986-9700 or 586-465-1980.  All consultations are free, confidential, and done over the phone, right when you call.

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