How to Read and Use This Blog, the Topics Links and the Cross-References

This article is really an interruption in a larger series about Suspended and Revoked Driver’s Licenses. The reason I’m doing this is to make sure the reader understands how these Blog articles are categorized, and so that they know that most articles here connect with other articles, or even series of articles, and, if read together, can provide a comprehensive analysis of how certain things work (or at least how I handle them).

Most often, the reader will wind up here because of a search-engine query. Often, the reader will be taken to an article that directly relates to the topic (like DUI, Drug Cases, or License Restorations) they’re searching. Sometimes, however, a person might wind up on either the most recent article posted, or some other article, neither of which have nothing to do with what they’re looking for.

woman-using-laptop2.jpgI’m no web master, so I can’t really explain how that happens. I do know, however, that despite whatever article a person may wind up on, even if it doesn’t relate to their search, it usually means there is another article on this Blog which does. In other words, if a person has searched for “Delivery of Marijuana Mi” and then winds up on this article, because it’s the most recent entry, the search engine didn’t exactly fail, it just didn’t go to the actual article about “Delivery of Marijuana in Mi.” That’s what the column on the right side of this Blog is for.

That column, about ΒΌ of the way down on the right side of this (or any) page, lists all the articles I’ve posted by Topic. Thus, the person who winds up on this article but was searching for Marijuana Delivery would scroll down and click one of the listings for Marijuana.

Within the framework of those Topics, every article has, at the bottom, a listing of other topics in which that same article can be found. This is how I, as the author, have cross-referenced Topics. This means that a person wanting to learn all they can about one Topic should also click on those other Topic listings, because those other topics also have related information in them.

Also, a number of my articles are written in multi-part series. The way the site works, the newest articles are always listed above the older one. This means that every series of articles is kind of listed in reverse, or newest first, oldest last. Thus, Part 1 of any series is always at the bottom.

In each article, certain words appear in green. These are external links. Some links go to relevant pages of my website, some to related or connected Blog articles, and others go to outside sources, such as the Michigan Secretary of State’s website, or the “official” listing of

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