Memorial Day 2012

It’s Memorial Day. Each year, I take a break from my usual publication schedule of two articles per week and put up a short expression gratitude for the sacrifice and service that our men and women in uniform make on our collective behalf.

This year, we find many of our military personnel in Afghanistan. It is dangerous and deadly there. Memorial Day is a special day reserved for special people. And these special people risk life and limb to keep us safe. Throughout the history of our country, many of our service people have died in combat. Loads more have been wounded, and all of them put themselves at risk, and in harm’s way for us.

Flag 2.2.jpgI’m sure every reader would agree that we owe a deep, collective “thank you” to everyone who has served or is serving in our armed forces. From the oldest Veteran, to the youngest enlistee, to all our Reservists, and everyone who has given their life while in service, thank you for your courage and your sacrifice.

I wish we could do more to show our appreciation. I have not made a point of advertising this, but in my Office, I always give a 10% discount off of my listed Fees to anyone who is on active duty, or who is following a period of active duty in the Reserves. This applies across the board to everything from Driver’s License Restorations, to DUI cases, and to those Criminal charges that I handle. If anyone else is in a position, in whatever capacity, to offer at least some small token of appreciation to our service men and women, I urge you to do so.

While we at home relax, and take it easy on this Memorial Day, and as we enjoy our nice day off, amongst whatever other things things we do, please remember to take a minute and offer up a prayer of thanks and for the protection of our courageous Military personnel all over the world. They certainly deserve it.

Thank you all so very much.

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