Michigan Driver’s License Appeals for Non-Residents

A large share of my Practice involves License Restoration Appeals for people who have moved out of Michigan. In previous blog articles, I have mentioned that any Lawyer who practices long enough will begin to see “patterns” in terms of how things work. This is particularly true with my out-of-state License Appeals.

Most often, my Office receives a call from someone who has been searching the internet and comes across my website, or some of my License Restoration articles on this blog, usually after unsuccessfully having tried to win their License Back on their own. I can’t tell you how many times per week I hear something to the effect that “I wish I had found you BEFORE I sent in all my paperwork!”

Michigan1.jpgIn fact, chances are, if you’re an outside-of-Michigan reader, you may be checking out your options after receiving a Denial.

It may sound smart-alecky, but it is nevertheless true that the best, and easiest Clients are those that have already tried on their own, or have tried with an Attorney who is not a bona-fide License Restoration Practitioner, and lost. They will listen intently, follow directions, and otherwise just do what is necessary to win a License Appeal, no questions asked.

That isn’t always the same for those who have not previously tried and lost.

There are some callers who cannot understand why I require a new License Restoration Client to come to Michigan and meet with me in order to begin this process. I have had plenty of offers to pay my whole fee (or any portion I’d name) for just phone time and guidance. I could easily offer that service, whether at a discount, or not. It seems there would be any number of takers, and beyond earning money I otherwise would not make, it would take less time to do it. So why do I turn down those offers and make it seemingly more difficult?

The truth is that I feel that I have the perfect, or as close to a perfect system, as one can develop, to win License Appeals. I also truly and honestly believe that there are no shortcuts to this process, and that winning Restoration of a Driver’s License takes a lot of work. For me, that work begins with an initial Client meeting that typically lasts from between 2 1/2 to 3 hours. This meeting takes place PRIOR to the Client going in to have a Substance Abuse Evaluation performed, so that I can make sure the Client is well-prepared for it.

My method of doing things only costs me money. And while I am in business to make money, I want to do so by doing the best job possible for my Clients. So far, that has kept me with a success rate of over 90% for many years, and a 100% success rate (at least as of this writing) in 2010.

When an out-of-state reader peruses my various blog articles, and then wonders if there’s any way we can do this without their having to come to Michigan, my answer is “no.”

In handling things the way I do, as I noted, I am certainly costing myself some easy Fees. But that’s not what this is all about, and if my articles convey anything, I hope it’s that I put my heart and soul into this work, and I expect the same from my Client.

When someone has tried a License Appeal on their own and lost, they are far more open to coming back to Michigan to do it right than they might have been before. This is why I say those who have tried and lost often make the best, easiest Clients.