Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeal Win Guarantee

As a Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer, I have probably put out more information on this very subject than can be found, cumulatively, anywhere else. I have proudly proclaimed that in 2010, I won 100% of the more than 70 cases I filed. I have pointed out that, overall, my win percentage is in the high 90’s. I have, in short, tried to convince a potential Client that I’m good at what I do, and I have a proven track record of succeeding at it.

Then I had one of the “a-ha” moments. If I’m really, nearly as good at this as I expect you to believe, why would I ask you to risk your money without a bit more than just my self-description of success? What could I do to put MY money (as opposed to yours) where MY mouth is?

Guarantee2.jpgThe answer hit me like a ton of bricks. How about backing up my claims with a guarantee? After all, if I’m as good as I claim, it really wouldn’t be much of a risk for me to prove that, would it?

So here is my guarantee in Driver’s License Restoration cases:

If I take your case, and I do not win your first License Appeal, the next one is absolutely FREE.

For all that talk about how much time I spend with my Clients (usually 3 hours at our first meeting) and how well my staff and I inspect everything to make sure I submit a rock-solid Appeal, why not back it up?

Now, before we go popping the corks on the non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice here, you’ve got to know there will be some limitations and exclusions.

My guarantee of a free second Appeal if the first one is not successful will not cover any case where the Client goes into some kind of “meltdown” at the Hearing, and starts revealing things that I should have been told beforehand. If, for example,a person begins this process, claiming Sobriety for a year, or two, or however many, but then shows up at the Hearing and admits to having had a sip of champagne last New Year, or having smoked a joint a few months before, that’s not covered. Likewise, suddenly revealing a previously undisclosed drug use pattern, or any such thing as would have been relevant in our extensive discussions about Sobriety and Recovery, will void this guarantee.

In other words, my Guarantee is limited to my services. It protects the Client in case I somehow miss something.

So, in the interests of self-promoting, I can now boast not only having, far and away, the most information about License Restoration to be found anywhere, but being the first Lawyer I’ve ever heard of to guarantee the quality and outcome of a License Appeal.

The more analytical reader who stops and does the math must surely conclude, as I did before ever making this offer, that my potential exposure amounts to less than 5% additional work. That is, if I really do win well over 90% of the License Appeals I file (and I do), and I’m accurate in calculating that figure to actually be in the high 90’s, then, at most, I’d be making less than 5% additional work for myself.

That math, however, essentially translates into a 100% guarantee for the Client.

So what are you waiting for, a ride to come and see me?

Let’s get you back on the road, legally.

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