Michigan Driver’s License Restoration for Those who Live Anywhere

In my Practice as a full-time Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer, I have attempted to put out as much information as possible about this subject. The Driver’s License Restoration section of my Blog, which you’re in right now, has well over 50 highly detailed, informational articles covering the whole panorama of License Appeals. This article will be about License Appeals for those who live beyond the Metro-Detroit area, and how I handle those cases.

I’m motivated to write this article because it seems that not a day goes by without my Office being contacted by people from all around the State of Michigan (and, of course, from those who have moved outside of the State) asking if I can do their License Appeal.

USA.jpgSo I want to be clear:


All you have to do is come and see me in my Office, located in Downtown Mt. Clemens, right across from the County Building. I’m located about a minute off of I-94, at the North River Road exit.

Many people with whom I speak have already read many, if not most of my Blog articles about License Appeals. Those who have know that I prefer to have the Substance Abuse Evaluation completed at a Clinic just a few blocks from my Office. I have pointed out that I have no connection with this Clinic aside from liking the fact that they do an excellent, honest job in completing this ultra-important part of the License Appeal process. As it turns out, I’m going there myself in the next week or so to update the staff as to the ever-evolving requirements of the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD).

For anyone coming in from anyplace other than the local area, we’ll schedule the initial Client meeting with me (which lasts about 3 hours) right before the Client has their appointment with the Clinic, if that’s where they choose to do their Substance Abuse Evaluation. This means the Client can come see me, then go and have the Evaluation completed, and then go home, wherever that may be. As I have noted, I have no problem with someone going elsewhere for this Evaluation, but it has been my rather considerable experience that, more often than not, Evaluations from other sources fall short of what I feel is necessary to begin a successful License Appeal.

In another article posted just before this, I unveiled my new “guarantee” in Driver’s License Restoration cases. To back up my claims of success in handling these Appeals, I have promised that, if I don’t win a person’s first License Appeal, the next one is FREE.

Between my extensive experience and success in winning License Appeals, and the tons of information I have published about the process, this guarantee should answer any questions about whether it’s worth coming from any distance to see me.

At the other end of process is the Hearing itself. All of my cases are set for Hearing in the DAAD’s Livonia Office. I do this I have extensive experience in front of the 5 Hearing Officers there, and I know what kinds of questions each is going to ask, and what areas of inquiry are particularly important to them. This means that, later down the road, as the Client and I prepare for Hearing itself, we’ll know what facets of their case are going to be of interest to the Hearing Officer, and what they’ll likely be asked. It means, in short, that I will prepare the Client to go in and WIN.

Whether you live in the local, Detroit-area, the northernmost tip of the Upper Peninsula, in sunny San Diego, or anywhere in-between, I can, and will, help you get back on the road, legally.

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