Michigan Driver’s License Restorations – My 100% Success Rate in 2010

As of this writing, I’m gearing up for a number of my usual, informative Blog articles. I have a few interesting, relevant and useful topics in the oven. For now, though, I thought I’d just engage in a little shameless self-promotion and demonstrate how all that hard work and effort that both the Client and I put into each Driver’s License Restoration case pays off.

Up until this year, I have been able to honestly boast that I win more than 90% of the Driver’s License Appeals that I handle.

As of today, I have conducted somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 License Appeal Hearings this year (2010) and have WON EVERY CASE I FILED!

trophy_man3.jpgThat’s a 100% success rate!

This success is due to 2 main factors:

1. As much as I’m in business to make money, I only take cases where the potential Client has a very good, bona-fide chance of winning the Appeal. If I am speaking with someone who asks something like “So, for how long do you need me to say I’ve been sober?” I know I’m not talking to someone who is ready to file a License Appeal.

2. These cases take a lot of work. I don’t know anyone who puts in anywhere near the effort that I do in these Appeals, but the results speak for themselves. My first meeting with a new Client usually takes about 3 hours. You simply cannot expect success in this endeavor if you’re not willing to invest the time and effort necessary to do it right.

If you’ve been without a License due to multiple DUI’s and wonder if you’ll ever get your License back, or if you are inclined to believe the myth that you can never win one of these Appeals, please explore the Driver’s License Restoration section of this Blog, and read the License Restoration section of my Website.

If you are ready to begin the process, then I can help you get back on the road. Believe me, at this stage of my career, I’m not looking to do anything to jeopardize my perfect record. I’m looking for winning cases. Perhaps yours might be one of them!