Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Attorney – 100% Win Rate for 2010 – Update

It’s the 4th of July Holiday, so I’m going to cheat a little bit, and instead of writing a new Blog article, I’m going to “update” a previous article from earlier this year. As a Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer, the percentage of cases won is, for better or worse, a benchmark of your ability. Just like a baseball Pitcher’s ERA, or a Bowler’s average, those numbers tell a story.

For as long as I can remember, I have maintained a win rate of well over 90%. This year, I decided to try and improve that. And, I have. So far, as of this writing, I HAVE WON EVERY DRIVER’S LICENSE APPEAL I HAVE FILED THIS YEAR! I have filed around 40 cases in 2010, and after the Hearing, have had a favorable decision in each one.

Champ.jpgSo this article is a little bit about bragging. Imagine you had a medical condition, and were looking for a Doctor. Wouldn’t the fact that one has been able to cure 100% of their Patients interest you? I know it would interest me.

This success rate is the function of a number of factors. Perhaps the most important amongst them is that I will give a person an HONEST appraisal of their readiness to undertake a License Appeal. I will give them an HONEST evaluation of what it will take to win. And, I will be equally HONEST and tell someone that they’re just not ready yet.

So what does this do for me?

To be blunt about it, it costs me money.

Instead of taking every case that comes along and is willing to pay, however, I feel that I have an ethical and moral obligation to NOT accept fees from someone if I don’t TRULY BELIEVE, based upon my rather considerable experience, that their case can be made a winner.

For all of that, I often point out, in my various articles about Driver’s License Restoration, that the process of Finding the Right Lawyer is about, more than anything else, finding someone who’s the right fit for you. A winning success rate is, of course, important, but none of that will mean anything if the Lawyer and the Client don’t communicate well.

Thus, when a person undertakes this process, they should read what any particular Lawyer has written on the subject of Driver’s License Restoration, and feel both free, and, in fact, encouraged, to call or e-mail that Lawyer with any questions or concerns they have.

Whatever else, my 100% success rate up to this point in 2010 was certainly based, in large part, upon good, honest and open communication with each of my Clients.