Welcome Back…. Now get to Work!

In my last blog post, I took a detour and wrote about my recent medical experience. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, my Office remains up and running, and I am essentially “back in the saddle” again.

Normally, I take the last 2 weeks of the year off, anyway. This really amounts to little more than me thinking I’m on some kind of vacation while I work from home. I take and return calls as needed, reschedule Court dates until after vacation…

Get to Work2.jpgSome things never change…

I will be returning to the Office, right after the New Year, as I had planned before I got sidelined almost 2 weeks ago. I never imagined how much I could miss being busy with work, but I really do.

I have noted in a recent, previous article how I truly enjoy handling License Restoration cases. It also seems that an important part of my self-identity has also become the guy who shows up in Court on DUI and other matters and makes things better. I once heard it said that a major part of a person’s identity is what they do for a living. Whether it was my Dad (when he was “Joe the Mailman”) or my Uncle Tom, the Truck Driver, or my Mom, the Secretary, or even Lisa the Therapist, or Tim the Carpenter, society first identifies us by what we do. And whatever you do, when you are on hold from doing it, you feel, in a way, like your own self-identity is also in a state of suspended animation.

So beyond keeping things up and running, there is a tremendous emotional and psychological boost to getting back in the saddle; you feel like your old self again.

My Office is currently setting early to mid-January appointments in Driver’s License Restoration cases (I’ve been booked into the first week of January since about mid-December), and making appointments as needed for any other Criminal matters. I still want to squeak some kind of vacation out of this last week and a half…

Accordingly, if you have a problem and are looking to hire a Lawyer, I’m here, as always. You can either contact my Office, or drop me an email in the contact box on the right side of this page.

Oh, and before I forget….

Happy Holidays!